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HCMI provides the following services to prospective students:

  • Information Packages
    Carefully selected universities and professional healthcare courses.
  • Registration Assistance
    Advice on the various documents you need to prepare and the procedures you need to follow.
  • Priority in the Registration Queue for the University
    Numerous students apply to the university. Hence, HCMI will make sure you are at the beginning of the queue.
  • Arrangement for lodgings and meals
    HCMI has exclusive deals with hotels and hostels to ensure that you live comfortably while you study.
  • Provision of Student Visa
    HCMI offers hassle-free assistance in the processing of your student visa application.
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HCMI Provides the following Courses

Career Opportunity in Australia

MDS Programme

Medical Programme

Admission to the medical school is highly competitive. There are far fewer seats than applicants. HCMI, through its partnership program, has been able to secure more , giving greater opportunities to pursue medical career and access to a world-class medical curriculum, learning from the best in a dynamic and clinically relevant environment.

Medicine is a diverse profession with many  employment opportunities. The medical degree you receive will prepare you for this exciting future and enable you to specialize in any field. The program will ensure  acquiring excellent medical skills,  satisfy the expectations of the community for its doctors, including:

  • Demonstration of excellent communication skills with patients and their families
  • The ability to work effectively with other healthcare professionals
  • The ability to act ethically for the  patientís welfare and the public good, and being able to recognize the conflict between these interests
  • The ability to monitor their own performance and to continuously improve

After the completion of your Medical degree, HCMI will advise you on the residency programs and job placement opportunities.

All you need to do is to complete the HCMI Medical Degree application form and submit it to the HCMI Singapore office along with all the supporting documentation.

Download Medical Degree Application Form Here

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The program for the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) is a six-year course consisting of a 2-year preparatory veterinary medicine curriculum and a 4-year professional veterinary medicine curriculum with a minimum total of 237 units. There should be a minimum of 4,500 class hours (i. e. lecture, laboratory and field of practice), excluding those for the 2-year preparatory veterinary medicine program.

Veterinarians held about 57,000 jobs in 1998 and the number is growing at the turn of the millennium. About 30 percent were self-employed in solo or group practices. Most others were employees of another veterinary practice. The Federal Government employed about 1,900 civilian veterinarians, chiefly in the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and about 400 military veterinarians in the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force. Other employers of veterinarians are State and local governments, colleges of veterinary medicine, medical schools, research laboratories, animal food companies, and pharmaceutical companies. A few veterinarians work for zoos; but most veterinarians caring for zoo animals are private practitioners who contract with zoos to provide services, usually on a part-time basis.

Most schools with International Veterinary Medicine (IVM) programs have faculty involved in internationally oriented research (95%), in teaching IVM (74%), in mentoring veterinary students in IVM (84%), and in international consultancies (84%). The increasing importance of international veterinary issues is leading to the internationalization of the veterinary education in North America. Most IVM programs include activities of both faculty and students. Greater collaboration between faculty and programs across schools would allow schools to benefit from each other's strengths in IVM education.

The science and practice of veterinary medicine has developed into a complex discipline that involves, among others, the varied aspects of basic animal biology, animal agriculture and medicine, wildlife medicine, aquatic medicine, companion animal medicine, food hygiene, biotechnology, and public health.

The veterinarian must constantly update professional knowledge and skills, be capable of carrying out his defined duties of safeguarding animal health, public health, and the environment. He must also be able to effectively communicate with international colleagues on matters of animal disease treatment, prevention, and control.

Opportunities in the Veterinary Profession

There is a wide range of job opportunities awaiting veterinary graduates and allied courses in the Philippine and abroad. Among the career options in veterinary medicine and allied professions include:

Veterinary Education Public Health
Pharmaceutical Industry Animal Production
Govít and Military Service Biotechnology
Food Processing Agribusiness
Farm Animal Practice Small Animal Practice
Wildlife Practice Equine Practice

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Tarlac State University
Cavite State University



Through the HCMI partnership program, enjoy a highly exciting college education in a prestigious merchant marine institute offering the best quality maritime education and training in any of the following Bachelor’s Degree courses:


As a Cadet, you will enjoy:

  • a highly exciting maritime education
  • an assured shipboard training onboard international shipping vessels
  • rewarding leadership and training experiences
  • the reputation of graduating from the best maritime school in the country

Complementing good academic preparations is the provision of an equally effective shipboard training. HCMI, through its Maritime Education Program, will enhance the midshipmen’s education and training through shipboard training onboard various vessels plying foreign and local seas. The program assures that every midshipman is fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills for the development of well-trained and competent reservoir of future officers for positions in the maritime industry which is still the number one supplier of seafarers worldwide.

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Everybody wants to fly, and you want to make that possible. For those of you with dreams of flying an airplane, or who desire behind-the-scenes aeronautical career endeavors, behold — your time has come!

Aviation training is now available through HCMI’s Aeronautical Education Partnership Program with reputedly the country's No.1 Aeronautical College that has produced topnotchers in the field of aeronautics.

HCMI guarantees the best professional and technical training in aeronautical and aviation education, offering high quality education and training in any of the following courses:


On top, HCMI, via its partnership program, intensified its academe - industry linkages, maintained comparatively affordable tuition charges and broadened its On-the-Job-Training and Placement Program.

Career opportunities in this field are as varied and open as the skies. The demand for a workforce in the aviation industry is steady and continuous and the advancement of aerospace technology throughout the world is dependent to a large degree on this workforce. The fast–paced growth and technology advancement has caused a constant need for qualified men in the air transportation industry, domestic or international. Why wait? HCMI is your passport to this world of opportunities.



Avail now of an International Nursing Program in the USA! Plus, the opportunity to enjoy an exciting adventure and the warm splendor of the beautiful, tropical Virgin Islands, America’s Caribbean paradise, through the HCMI International Nursing Program accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission Inc. (NLNAC).

HCMI, by partnering with the University of Virgin Islands, an esteemed institution offering quality education and training in Associate of Science in Nursing, provides deserving and able individuals with more choices for quality healthcare education and opportunity to pursue their dreams in their chosen field of healthcare nursing, as well as prepare students who want to pursue a career as a registered nurse.

Health care around the world is facing a shortage crisis for trained health care professionals and over the next 10 years, the deficit is expected to rise. As the shortage worsens, the quality of health care throughout the US and other parts of the world will continue to decline. In this alarming situation, HCMI International Nursing Program aims to meet and to alleviate the global demand for more nurses. Thus, improving the health care status throughout the world.

Upon successful completion of the program, students are awarded the degree of Associate of Science in Nursing and are assured of visa and 100% placement in the USA. They are eligible to apply for license in order to obtain a lucrative job in local hospitals subject to passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).

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